About Mud Dept.

What does a slower life with beauty and simple richness look like? One where you get to take a moment to look after yourself, to hold something handmade and beautiful in your hands. Something made with care by a real person.

This is what Mud Dept. is all about.

At Mud Dept. we hand make beautifully designed, carefully crafted tableware. Our pieces are made in small batches in a studio at the bottom of our garden in Braidwood, NSW.

Lea Durie

Lea has been mad about clay since she first made a wonky turtle in primary school. Ceramics has been part of her life ever since. Over the past 10 years, Lea has built a reputation as a maker and artist. She has sold her work under Lea Durie Ceramics at markets, open studios and stockists of quality hand made objects.

Lea's ceramic art work has been shown in a number of exhibitions, winning several awards. Lea's designs are informed by her study in visual arts at the ANU School of Art and Design.

What we make

We craft beautiful pottery tableware and planters by hand. Our pieces pass through our hands more than 15 times before they are finished, each step taken with careful attention to the craft of ceramics. Only the best pieces make it to you.

Our work is made of earthy stoneware clays, mostly thrown on a pottery wheel. Your pots are fired in a kiln twice, with the second firing in a gas kiln to create the wonderful dark speckled clay and muted glaze tones we love. It is a time intensive process over 9 hours where we manage reduced oxygen levels in the kiln to draw out the iron in the clay, letting it pop through the glaze with beautiful effect.

Online shop and outlets

Our online shop will open several times a year for small batch sales. Make sure you sign up to the Mud Dept. newsletter if you would like to be the first to know when the shop is open.

Our work is also sold through markets, specialist artisan shops and open studios. Keep an eye on our events page for forthcoming markets and open studios. Check out our list of stockists.