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We have introduced a special subscription membership that delivers a parcel of handmade ceramic goodness to your door every three months, for a year.

If you are a knitter you may be familiar with makers of hand dyed yarn who run a yarn club. You may have even joined one. It’s a thing where every three months a package will arrive with a new yarn, perhaps a pattern and some knitting news. The idea is waiting and not quite knowing what it will be, but you know it will be wonderful.

So, imagine every three months a new cup, bowl, vase or something else appears in a beautiful package at your home. It's something just for you just or maybe even a perfect gift. No trying to get to a market or open studio, or remembering to jump online and grab something when we have an update.

We are launching our subscription club - the Mud Pot Club - with a couple of collection options, like the picture above. A cup one time, a bowl another, maybe a plate another time, or a little vase, or some small dishes. All with some extra Muddy news and a hand written note. And in one parcel will be a special surprise.

Subscriptions will be available in our two ranges, Forest and Tracks.

All products are handmade by Lea in our studio in the beautiful Southern Tablelands town of Braidwood NSW, Walbunga Country.

To find out more, or to purchase a subscription, head to our website shop.

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