Introducing Mud Dept. by Lea Durie

After several years of building a body of distinctive work as a ceramic artist, I am launching an exciting new adventure, Mud Dept.

Mud Dept. is not only the new home of Lea Durie Ceramics, it is also a creative space to experiment with ideas and spend more time pursuing my love of all things clay.  After years living in Canberra we have made a move to the country to live a slower more sustainable, intentional life. A life filled with creativity, family, community, chickens, bees and space and time to grow our own food and to make.

Mud Dept. is also a chance to say I am not in this alone, it has always been a team of Lea and Tonya. I design and make the pots and Tonya is the kiln whisperer, with everything else needed to bring you beautiful ceramics shared between us. We have set up a wonderful new studio at the bottom of our garden in the town of Braidwood NSW.  I hope you can come and visit soon at one of my open studio events.

I have always been so well supported by you and now I am so excited to be able to spend more time making, developing new work and launching the online shop I have been wanting to create to make my ceramics more accessible.

Mud Dept. is still about pots and will stay close to the earthy roots and inspiration that comes from working with clay. Our small batch ceramics will be released several times throughout the year and each offering will have a mix of the pots you know me for and new work I hope you will love as much as I love making them.

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I look forward to continuing this creative and muddy journey with you all.


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Petra Oswald on

Mud Dept. is such a cool name and I love the reference to your former day job. It’s great to see your beautiful artwork and I can’t wait to visit your open studio in Braidwood. In the meanwhile I’m practicing throwing cylinders in Watson (I caught the clay bug) while spending my days in the Brick Dept.

Ruth Das on

Love this site- looks so beautiful!

Ruth Das on

Love this site- looks so beautiful!

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